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2018 Clubmans

Check out the 2017 Entries!

2018 Clubman coming soon but in the meantime checout who came in 2017!


Alan Marriage: Ford Escort MK2 - Modern tarmac specification

Paul Norris: Talbot Sunbeam 

Jeff Brown: Vauxhall Chevette

AJ Mahmood: Brand new Ford Escort RS group 4, all steel pinto engine approx 200+ bhp.

Peter Hedges: Vauxhall 1400 Nova forest rally car used in forests through out U.K. + Mitsubishi Evo 6.5 V1 tarmac rally car 


Jason Howell: ADVANTAGE 4 VANS MK 2 Escort, It's a 2ltr 16v C20 XE engine with jenvey throttle bodies which develop just over 250BHP

Andy Reid: Peugeot 205 Maxi + Seat Ibiza F2 maxi replica 

Robert Dennis: Ford Escort - currently leading the MSA English Rally Championship and the Silver Star and Historic BTRDA championships

Wayne Holmes: Escort Mexico 1600 MK1 - Competiting in stage Rally events since 2013!

Lucy Owen-Moczadlo: Alfa Romeo 33, belonging to Ade Mayall and his wife, both whom have driven the car competitively on Forest and Tarmac stages.  

David Bevans: 1.9 Peugeot 205 GTi 

Marcus Pagett: Nissan Micra

Christian Green: Ford Escort + Nissan Micra

Mike Hall: Ford Escort Mexico 1974 stage rally car, 1700 cc. Drivers Mike Hall, Andy Hall and hopefully Bron Burrell (Austin Maxi Legend!)

Richard Barrow: 2010 teg sport built Subaru n14 built for Mathew Robinson used to compete in forest and tarmac stage rallys in England and Wales 

Shaun McLoughlin: Ford Escort MK2

Owen Cule: Rover 100 built as a re-shell from Owen's previous metro. The car  competes in the 1400 class and is extensively modified!

James Ball: Suzuki Lenis

Richard Swatton: Subaru Impreza

Steve Leigh: Impreza Subaru

Brian Morris: Citroen ZX

Mark Morris: Peugeot 206

Barry Morris: Peugeot 306 Maxi Replica

Sue Stokes: Ford Escort Mk 1 RS 1600 now rallied by Andrew Stokes.

Luke Harvey: Peugeot 106 Gti - Competed in SV events and is hoping to do more gravel in 2018!

Rick Neale: Mid Engined Davrian Dragon mk8 built in 2000/2002 with a 1.6 engine and won the CMSG Championship in 2003

Chris Jones: JoneSporT Rally Hire

Steve Hollis: VW Golf 4wd with a naturally aspirated 3l v6 and a 6 speed sequential gearbox

Ieuan Parry: Subaru Impreza

Matt Langford: Ford Fiesta 2005

Stuart Mason: Ford Escort MK1

Andrew Lees: Ford Escort Mexico

Simon Clark: Ariel atoms dirty brother , 2.4 Honda engine, 600kg and 0-60 in about 3 seconds 

Timothy Duffee: New Works Darrian

Abi Mahmood:

Joe Gubb:

Will Frost:

Harvey Waters: