Call out for Feature Cars at Rallyday 2018
10th January 2018

Call out for Feature Cars at Rallyday 2018

The organisational team behind Rallyday are already hard at work, trying to compile as many note-worthy rally as possible for the 2018 installment of Europe's premier rally and motorsport showcase. Ensuring that the event boasts a suitably impressive roster of rally cars is no mean feat, and doing sees the organisers delving into the annals of WRC history to secure key cars.


Successfully gathering said feature cars involves an ongoing dialogue with the British rally industry as a whole, which is why Rallyday has opened up the gates of the feature stage to you, the competition owning car community. Of course it should go without saying that feature cars make up the core of Rallyday and must therefore be of a high calibre. The Rallyday organisational team would like to stress that while there's plenty of space for cars of all kinds within club displays, the feature stage is specifically eligible for those vehicles with significant historical value and that have played a key role in shaping rallying history.


Ideally, feature submissions should be ex-works cars or similar, homologation specials prepared to a competition standard, or those driven in period by notable WRC drivers. Those fortunate enough to own rare WRC replicas built to a high standard will also be considered, but it's fair to say that (generally speaking) the feature stage is made up of cars homologated into the World Rally Championship, be that under Group 2, Group 4, Group B, Group A or WRC regulations. It should be noted that submitting your vehicle to the Feature Cars section doesn't guarantee acceptance.


Rallyday 2018 will focus on pair of key themes, the 60th anniversary of the British Rally Championship and the 50th birthday of the Mk1 Ford Escort. Applications for the latter will be handled separately and details will follow in due course, but anyone lucky enough to own a historically significant British Rally Championship car should apply by clicking here.