Q and A with Double World Champion Miki Biasion
2nd August 2018

Q and A with Double World Champion Miki Biasion

After the exciting announcement that Miki Biasion will debut at this year's Rallyday on 22nd September, we caught up Miki for a brief insight into his exciting career... 


What memories do you have of the RAC Rally?

Good memories. I ask a lot of times to my team managers [Cesare] Fiorio and then [Claudio] Bortoletto to have the opportunity to drive in the RAC Rally. But it was the last event in the season and they thought it was too difficult for an Italian driver who is used to a recce; they thought I couldn’t drive a ‘blind’ rally without the chance to practice. But the first time I came [in 1990] I was third overall and I set a lot of fastest times. This showed the Italian and Latin drivers could be very competitive in the fog and difficult conditions you have.


Which is your favourite Lancia?

Everybody loved Group B and the Delta S4 has been an unbelievable car from those times – so much power and so spectacular; the most spectacular ever we have ever seen. For me to have driven the Delta S4 is a wonderful souvenir from the sport, but Group B also brought for me some black moments. We all lost friends during this era.

I think I would have to say the car I drove to win the 1989 Sanremo Rally…


The red Delta?

The red Delta! This [Integrale HF 16v] was the most powerful Group A car I drove [at the time]. It was with this car that I was able to win that rally and bring back the second championship.


That Sanremo was a tough event though…

It was. Didier [Auriol, Lancia team-mate] had a big crash, he rolled his car. I was going well but I had a puncture and I dropped three minutes. But because this rally was so long, I was able to fight back and still win. It was a beautiful rally, we started on asphalt, then went to Tuscany and back to the asphalt in Liguria – incredible.


Was Sanremo your favourite rally?

Actually, my favourite was the Safari. The mixture of the landscapes, the nature and, of course the difficult conditions you could face in this rally, made it so special. I always enjoy Portugal as well, I still feel the emotion when I think back to those rallies we did in Portugal.


This is your first visit to Rallyday, but do you come to Britain often?

My daughter is studying in London, so I come here quite often. And I have attended Goodwood a few times. It’s really nice to come and visit friends back in England again.


Find out more about Miki's thoughts and experience within the world of Rallying at Rallyday where he will take to the interview stage (timings tbc). Click here for advance tickets priced at £18 per adult (£25 on the gate). Under-17s, accompanied by an adult, get in for free.