Rallyday Unveils 2018 Clubmans Package for Owners of Genuine Rally Cars
4th May 2018

Rallyday Unveils 2018 Clubmans Package for Owners of Genuine Rally Cars

It won't surprise you to learn that the cars really are the star when it comes to Rallyday, and some of the biggest stars of the UK's premier motorsport showcase can be found on the Clubmans Stage. 


Home to everything from Group N Imprezas to Group 4 Escorts, the Clubmans Stage is the ideal arena for owners to put their cars through their paces, the show organisers are offering use of both the circuit itself as well as the mixed part gravel rally stage located near to the 4x4 areas. It might not be Kielder Forest or the Sweet Lamb complex, but there's no denying that the Clubmans package represents a stern test for rally car owners across the board.


Quite apart from being a fitting shakedown for the machines themselves, the Clubmans Stage is perfect for those seeking to entertain sponsors, supporters, family, friends and various other individuals that make running a rally day possible. You'll have a full hour of stage time in total, spread throughout the day to give you time to enjoy other aspects of Rallyday.


The Clubmans Package has been split in two this year, giving those considering partaking greater freedom to pick the one which best suits them, their car and their sponsors. Option A costs £125 and includes a 10m frontage pitch area for both car and support vehicle, 6x10 minute track session on the Castle Combe Circuit (with up to 20 cars on track at any one time), 2 vehicle admission passes, 4 adult admission tickets, a free show guide and use of the mixed surface all stage near the 4x4 arena.


Option B is very similar and costs a mere £10 extra, the additional charge granting a 10 minute go on Rallyday's premier stage, the Feature Stage. Up to 10 cars will be on the stage at any one time.


Those wishing to sign up for either Clubmans Stage option should note that only genuine, MSA log booked cars are permitted.  They must be competitive rally cars not just track cars, and a copy of your log book will be required along with application.


Option A - £125

Option B - £135


Click through to book your Clubmans Package – http://rallyday.com/clubman-package/