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Rally Replay: Legends Stage


In addition to the impressive line-up of cars on 2019's brand new Legends Stage, Rally Replay also supplied the cars and stars below to take part in the challenging stage in front of the fans for an hour in the middle of the day.


Car: Ex Works Lancia Delta Integrale Group A SEO50 TO 13721T

Winner of the 1992 1000 Lakes and Austrailia Rallies with Didier Auriol 

Driven by Auriol, Kankkunen, Trelles, Ranga, Cerrato 

To be driven by:  Didier Auriol  

Car: 1976 Abarth 131 Group 4 

Driven by Giorgio Pianta on the 1976 Sanremo Rally. Also the Fiat publicity car

showed at the Turin Auto Salone 
To be driven by: TBC 

Car: Ex Works Lancia Delta Integrale Group A SEO45 TO 23905P 

Winner of the 1990 Rally Valeo, 1991 El Corte Ingles, 1992 Rally di Messina,

Bassano Lanterna and the 1994 Coppa d’Oro, Lucca and Delia Marca Rallies. 

Driven by Kankkunen, Auriol, Cerrato, Droogmans, Tabaton, Monzon, Longhi, Fassitelli, Pianezzola, Panizzi and Della 
To be driven by: TBC 

Car: Ex Works Lancia Delta Integrale Group A SEO50 TO 35378S

Winner of the 1993 Formula Rallye Oviedo with Carlos Sainz. Official 1992 and

1993 test car for Kankkunen, Auriol, Aghini and Sainz. First “Terra” Deltona built. 
To be driven by: TBC 


Car: 1986 Ex Works Lancia Delta S4
To be driven by: TBC 



Take a look at the other line-up of cars, set to take part in the legends stage: